Women's Workshops

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Be True, Be Authentic.  Be YOU!

Easier said than done right?  As women we have always been the ones to nuture, love, and take care of our loved ones.   We would move moutains for our those we love.  We get busy, life gets crazy, things come up and we go through each day trying to make eveyone else happy, but we often forget about ourselves.  Sometimes we can loose track of the things that once gave us meaning and purpose.  We forget about our goals, and what makes us happy, and sometimes we even forget who we are.

In order to regain ourselves, we have to acccept that where we are in the moment - is where we need to be right now.   To be ready to take  the next step, we need to find direction, and begin to solve the questions in our lives.  In taking this leap we need confidence, courage, and personal development.  This is what Equine Assisted Learning is all about.  Like every human being, we want to be happy, to be loved, to love, and to live life with our heads held high.  We want to have respect, especially of the choices we make in or lives and to be able to share all this with the ones we love.

Our society most often looks at the word "selfish" in a negative way,  but unless we look after ourself, we can't truly look after our loved ones.  We must learn to change our perceptions and think about looking after ourselves first - to love ourselves FIRST and formost.   This is the key to truly helping others.  A great example of this is when your on a plane - we are always to put on our oxygen mask first, then assist others.  Knowing who we are is everything, and if we do not know who that is anymore, it's really hard to change our perception.

This may be hard to do but it's so so important - imagine for a moment that you knew you were going to die tomorrow?  Are you doing what you've dreamed of doing?  Have you accomplished everything you wanted to?  Don't wait for these things to come to you.  Instead go for it - reach for your dreams!  Let us help you guide your life in the way you want it to go.  Don't you want to leave this life knowing that you completed everything you were called her to do?  

Horses don't Judge

As women, some of us are constantly in fear of being judged.  But horses are incapable of judging.  Can you imagine going to a place where judgement does not exist, a place where we can be ourselves.   Horses don't care about what we look like, our weight, clothes, or our spiritual, ethic, or political beliefs, or where we come from.  They just care about helping you be the best person you can be.