Best team ever!


Krista has spent all her life being around horses and they have always been a huge part of her life.  Krista also has a great passion for helping people, so when she first learned about Equine Assisted Learning, she knew it would be her calling.   "I have always wanted to help people through horses but never really knew how to go about it but here I am doing just that".   It's never too late to follow your dream,

SCOUT - 2010

Scout is great big Paint/Quarter Horse. He is our property manager, always curious, but will tell you right away if there is a threat. He is kind, caring and always willing to please. He has a instinctive sense of smell, which he uses to ensure his trust.  Scout is his own leader and will always challenge you to be the best leader you can be,

CHIEF - 2010

Chief is a big beauitful Quarter Horse gelding.  He is literally a "in your pocket" kind of guy,  He's not only handsome, but he is super social and loves to make you laugh.  He is very caring,he is really a "gentle giant".  There is only one way to his heart, and that it through his stomach.  

KEA - 1992

Kea is a great big Quarter Horse/Thourghgbred mare, who was once one of Krista's performance and ranch horses.  She has been retired for several years but has a new job being a EAL horse.  This old girl is the lead mare,  a.k.a the "boss".  She may have age but she's very much aware of what's going on within her team.

SURVEY - 2016

Survey is our baby, a teacher in training.  She's super friendly and loves people.  She is truly a gentle soul,  We know she will one day be a great teacher and we are all looking forward to that day.  It will be hard keeping her out of the arena.